240W Din-Rail Power Supply CP10.241

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240 watt din-rail power supplies for 1-phase system 24V, 10A

- AC 100-240V Wide-range Input
- 39mm compact width
- Efficiency up to 95.2%
- Excellent Partial Load Efficiency
- 20% Output Power Reserves
- Safe HiccupPLUS Overload Mode
- Easy Fuse Breaking due to High Overload Peak Current
- Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
- Minimal Inrush Current Surge
- Full Power Between -25°C and +60°C
- DC-OK Relay Contact



PULS Dimension CP-Series is a high-end industrial certified power supply in a medium price range without compromising quality, reliability and performance. PULs CP10 series features high efficiency, advanced inrush current limitation, active PFC and wide operational temperature range. PULS power supply is suitable for applications in industrial environment as well as in residential, commercial and light industry environments.


PULS CP10.241 offers superior safety features such as output over-voltage protection, input transient protection, isolation resistance safety feature and more. The supplementary redundancy modules YR20.242 and YR20.246 allows building of redundant systems with automated load sharing between connected power supplies. There are several operation modes.


Operation Mode 1: Series Operation
Power supplies of the exact same type can be connected in series for higher output voltages. It is possible to connect as many units in series as needed, providing the sum of the output voltage does not exceed 150Vdc. Voltages with a potential above 60Vdc are not SELV any more and can be dangerous. Such voltages must be installed with a protection against touching. Earthing of the output is required when the sum of the output voltage is above 60Vdc. Avoid return voltage (e.g. from a decelerating motor or battery) which is applied to the output terminals. Keep an installation clearance of 15mm (left / right) between two power supplies and avoid installing the power supplies on top of each other. Do not use power supplies in series in mounting orientations other than the standard mounting orientation (input terminals on the bottom and output terminals on top of the unit). Beware that leakage current, EMI, inrush current and harmonics will increase when using multiple power supplies series.


Operation Mode 2: Parallel Use to Increase Output Power
PULS CP10.241 power supplies can operate in parallel to increase output power. The output voltage of all power supplies shall be adjusted to the same value (±100mV) with the same load conditions on all units, or the units can be left with the factory settings. There is no feature included which balances the load current between the power supplies. Usually the power supply with the higher adjusted output voltage draws current until it goes into current limitation.


Operation Mode 3: Parallel Use for Redundancy
PULS power supplies can be paralleled for redundancy. The simplest way is to have two power supplies in parallel (1+1 redundancy). When one power supply unit fails, the redundant unit automatically operates to support the load current. It is recommended to have PULS redundancy module to decouple power supplies from each other. This prevents the defective unit from becoming a load on the backup power.


Operation Mode 4: Operation on Two Phases
The power supply can also be used on two-phases of a three-phase-system. A phase-to-phase connection is allowed as long as the supplying voltage is below 240V+10%.