Bacnet Gateway MGate 5217 Series

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2-port Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP-to-BACnet/IP gateways

- Supports Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP master/client
- Supports BACnet/IP slave/server
- Supports 600 points and 1200 points models
- Supports COV for fast data communication
- Supports virtual nodes designed to make each Modbus device as a separate BACnet/IP device
- Configures Modbus commands quickly by editing an Excel spreadsheet
- Embedded traffic and diagnostic information for easy troubleshooting
- Built-in Ethernet cascading for easy wiring
- Industrial design with -40 to 75°C operating temperature range
- Serial port with 2 kV isolation protection
- Dual AC/DC power supply
- 5-year warranty
- Security features based on IEC 62443




Easy Configuration via Web Console and Microsoft Excel

Moxa MGate 5217I series features a intuitive UI design for easy configuration easy. Users can easily access protocol conversion modes and finish the configuration in a few steps.

Modbus commands written in Excel spreadsheets can be imported to MGate 5217I. This makes it easy to create and edit Modbus commands.


Modbus and BACnet/IP Protocol Traffic Monitor and Diagnostics

MGate 5217I gateways support Modbus and BACnet/IP Protocol Traffic Monitor and Diagnostics. This eases troubleshooting during installation. Communication issues could be caused by incorrect software parameters, such as the wrong slave ID and register address, or an incorrect command configuration. With diagnostics, you can check the communication status and view values at a glance. With Modbus/BACnet Protocol Traffic Monitor, you can check captured data and easily identify root cause(s).

Security Features Based on IEC 62443 Standards
Using network devices that are IEC 62443-4-2 compliant and equipped with basic security capabilities is an effective precautionary measure to ward off cyberattacks. Moxa MGate 5217I security features range from password cracking defense, sniffer and data breach prevention, whitelisting, and account management.