Bluetooth Serial Adapter SD200-01
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Features and Benefits

- Provides transparent RS232 serial cable replacement
- Supports Bluetooth 1.2 stack - improved AFH (Adaptive Frequency Hoping), Fast connection
- Supports Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
- Supports firmware upgrade via windows-based software (Sena ParaniUpdater)
- Working distance (In an open field): Class 2, Normally 30 meters, up to 300m using patch antenna
- Software-free configuration support using DIP-Switch and pairing button
- Parani-SD200 supports optional battery pack (2 AA battery)
- Plug and play, no external drivers required


Parani-SD200 and Parani-SD200L are Class 2 type of Bluetooth Serial Adapters that supports 30 meters of wireless transmits distance by default. Transmit distance can be extended using optional antennas. Sena Parani-SD200 supports the optional AA Battery pack while Parani-SD200L is designed with an internal rechargeable battery.