Bluetooth USB Adapter SD1000U

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Advanced Class 1 Industrial Bluetooth USB adapter for RS232 serial port replacement


- Bluetooth Specification v2.0 + EDR Class 1
- Working distance (In an open field): Normally 300 meters, up to 1000m using patch antenna
- USB 2.0 interface
- Supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Windows CE.NET operating systems
- No Bluetooth driver required (No Toshiba or BlueSoleil driver required)
- Provides transparent RS232 serial cable replacement for PC
- Supports Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP)
- Supports up to 4 multiple simultaneous connections
- User friendly Windows configuration tool available



Sena Parani-SD1000U is a class 1 type Bluetooth USB adapter for Serial Port Replacement that supports 300 meters of wireless transmission distance by default. The working distance can be further extended up to 1000 meters using optional antenna can be replaceable. SD1000U is suitable for industrial and special applications because it can cover longer communication distance (1000m) over other alternative Bluetooth USB products.