DA-682C Ethernet Module

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Ethernet expansion modules for DA-682C Series computers

- 4-port Gigabit LAN module
- 2-port Giga LAN PRP/HSR module
- IEC 62439-3 Clause 4 (PRP) and Clause 5 (HSR) compliant




Moxa DA-682C-Ethernet Series peripheral expansion modules include a 4-port Giga LAN module, a 4-port 100M/1000M Fiber module, and a PRP/HSR module for setting up industrial communication applications with Ethernet-based devices. All modules are designed to be versatile and user friendly. 


Moxa DN-PRP-HSR-I210 expansion module is compliant with IEC 62439-3 Clause 4 (PRP) and IEC 62439-3 Clause 5 (HSR) to ensure the highest system availability and data integrity for mission-critical applications that require redundancy and zero-time recovery. With its dual Gigabit Ethernet port design, DN-PRP-HSR-I210 module provides high performance for redundant network systems.