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TNS offers point-of-care panel PC and bedside entertainment systems designed for hospitals and the medical sector. TNS medical grade panel computers and displays comply with UL60601-1/EN60601-1, CE, and FCC Class B certifications. The unique user interface is designed to fit into a wide array of medical environments. These platforms have many attractive features including high quality, reliability, low noise operation, waterproof, and various OS/software support tools, which makes it easy to integrate with a hospital's existing network.

System Requirements

- High availability operation 24/7 operation

- Low Noise or Fanless Operation

- IP65 front bezel & IPX1 whole enclosure [Water Resistant & Proofing certification}

- Comply with ISO: 2003, UL60601-1/EN60601-1, CE, and FCC Class B certifications.


Medical Grade Panel Computers

The MPC series is a slim medical grade panel computer solution with 10.4”, 15”, 17” and 22” high brightness LCDs, which uses MPC152 MMT225 MPC175 MPC225 low power Intel® Core™ i7/ i5/ i3 Core™2 Duo/ Celeron® M/ Pentium® M/ Atom™ processor. With its unique IP65-rated front panel and IPX1-rated full enclosure seal, the system is protected from outside damages, yet still offers excellent heat ventilation and fanless operation. Additional features include a 5 mega pixel camera for remote patient diagnosis, Bluetooth for wireless connection between other medical devices, internal WiFi (802.11 b/ g), RFID reader for identification, PCI/PCIe slot for expansion flexibility and a super-multi DVD.

Medical Grade Monitors

The MMT series of multi-function medical grade touch LCD monitor supports multi-signal inputs of VGA, S-video, video, DVI, audio-in, and USB. Its unique lock-type medical adaptor plug, along with a IP65-rated front panel and IPX1-rated full enclosure spill/dust-proof design, the system is well protected from outside damages typically seen in medical environments.