Ethernet Extender IEX-402 Series
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Industrial managed VDSL2/SHDSL Ethernet extenders

- Automatic CO/CPE negotiation reduces configuration time
- LED indicators to simplify troubleshooting
- Easy network management by web browser, Telnet/serial console, Windows utility, ABC-01, and Moxa MXview
- Standard G.SHDSL data rate up to 5.7 Mbps, with up to 8 km transmission distance (performance varies by cable quality)
- Moxa proprietary Turbo Speed connections up to 15.3 Mbps
- Interoperable with Moxa Turbo Ring and Moxa Turbo Chain network redundancy
- Supports Link Fault Pass-Through (LFP) and Line-swap fast recovery
- Supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 for different levels of network management
- Support Modbus TCP protocol for device management and monitoring
- Compatible with EtherNet/IP and PROFINET protocols for transparent transmission
- IPv6 Ready



Moxa IEX-402 is an industrial managed Ethernet extender designed with one 10/100BaseT(X) and one DSL port. It provides point-to-point extension over twisted copper wires based on the G.SHDSL or VDSL2 standard. Moxa IEX-402 supports data rates of up to 15.3 Mbps and a long transmission distance of up to 8 km for G.SHDSL connection; for VDSL2 connections, the data rate supports up to 100 Mbps and a long transmission distance of up to 3 km.

Moxa IEX-402 Series is designed for use in harsh environments. Its DIN-rail mounting, wide operating temperature range (-40 to 75C), and dual power inputs ensures stability and reliability for industrial applications.

To simplify configuration, the IEX-402 uses CO/CPE auto-negotiation. By factory default, the device will automatically assign CPE status to one of each pair of IEX devices. Link Fault Pass-through (LFP) and network redundancy interoperability enhance the reliability and accessibility of communication networks. Advanced management and monitoring functionality through MXview, including a virtual panel, improves user experience for fast troubleshooting.