Fiber Converter CSM-400
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Features and Benefits

- LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) and FEF (Far End Fault)
- Supports store and forward mode and pass through mode
- Auto negotiation
- Supports IEEE 802.3AH OAM protocol
- Plug and play
- Hot-swap
- IP based remote management
- Supports WDM type modules


The CSM-400 series is a managed Ethernet to optical fiber media converter. It is part of Moxa NRack System. It provides Ethernet media conversion from 10/100 BaseT(X) to 100 BaseFX (SC or ST connectors). Moxa fanless rackmount chassis offers up to 19 slots.

CSM-400 modules support LFP and FEF for easily tracing network link failures, and support store-and-forward and pass through modes, 802.3AM OAM for remote management and monitoring. WDM-type fiber modules allows user to connect with single fiber for cost savings in fiber cables. 

CSM-400 media converter slide-in module can be hot-swapped. Installation is easy as the chassis does not need to be powered off or removed.