Delivery | Are you able to deliver on the same day?

No, TNS does not offer same day delivery. Local delivery fulfillment is between 2-3 working days on weekdays between 10am to 4pm.

Delivery | Can I arrange for self-collection?

Yes, self-collection from TNS office is possible. Please indicate your preference for self-collection during the ordering process.

Delivery | Can I select a specific time for delivery

We are unable to allocate a specific time for delivery. You may let us know your preferred timing and we will try our best to meet your request if possible.

Delivery | Do you provide free local delivery?

Yes, TNS offers free delivery within Singapore mainland (excluding Jurong island, shipyards and restricted locations) for local order above S$500 (before GST).

Delivery | Do you provide International Shipping?

Yes, TNS offers international shipping out of Singapore. Service availability depends on prevailing conditions.

Payment | What payment methods do you accept?

TNS accepts payment via cash, paynow transfer and funds wired to our bank. We will contact you with the total amount which will include delivery charges, applicable taxes and wire transfer fees.

Purchase | What is the minimum order?

Unless specified, there is no minimum order.

Warranty | Do I need to register to get TNS warranty?

No registration is necessary. Your product is registered at the time of purchase.