Intelligent e-Bus

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In an intelligent E-Bus, all nodes including embedded controllers, switches and I/O devices, must withstand constant vibration, occasional heavy shocks and harsh weather. The nodes should continue providing surveillance and data communication despite exposure to mechanical stresses.

Data produced by surveillance and data communications equipment onboard an E-Bus must be compatible with the existing ATMS and bus dispatch systems.  

Bus location data has to be integrated with multiple information distribution systems to provide convenient passenger access. Mobile connectivity is required to provide network communication to and from moving intelligent E-Buses and multiple remote bus stops. 


TNS offers a comprehensive selection of specialised embedded computers, wireless router, PoE unmanaged switch, PoE IP dome camera and ethernet remote I/O designed for intelligent eBus and ebus stops. Here are key benefits of our solutions

• Rugged design with vibration-resistant M12 Ethernet connectors
• MIRF (Moxa Intelligent Routing Framework) WAN management software AP for seamless wireless service
• Reliable moving vehicle anti-vibration NVRs with cost effective hot-replaceable SSD or HDD hard disks
• Cellular connectivity that incorporates GuaranLink technology for undisrupted connectivity
• Versatile Ethernet or serial device connectivity over cellular networks

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