Intelligent Traffic Management System

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Intelligent traffic management systems are a cost-effective way to dramatically increase the efficiency of a road network. Traffic engineers can extend the capacity of their existing road networks simply by introducing dynamic traffic control elements to the traffic grid.

An intelligent traffic management system uses message boards and signals to direct and manage traffic. For example, ramp meters, or traffic lights installed at on-ramps, can adjust the rate at which new vehicles are introduced to a highway to adapt to existing traffic volume and avoid a bottleneck.

Another effective gridlock-prevention mechanism is a real-time traffic report system that communicates estimated travel times and road conditions to motorists through message boards. The traffic load on overworked sections of the grid is reduced by increasing driver awareness of road congestion.

These smart traffic management strategies reduce overall travel time and fuel consumption on a road network while using the existing infrastructure. However, the right networking and connectivity solutions are required to reliably deliver these important benefits.


Moxa's ICF-1150 series industrial serial-to-fibre converters are compact and reliable solutions for managing serial devices using long-range fibre connections. ICF-1150 converters support 2 serial ports, with a D-sub connector for RS-232 communication and a removable terminal block for RS-422 or RS-485 communication. These rugged products can be easily deployed anywhere: with an operating temperature range as wide as -40 to 85°C and space-efficient DIN-rail mountable case, the ICF-1150 can handle harsh environments and small cabinets with equal ease.