ioThinx 4510 IIoT Remote I/O
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Advanced IIoT Modular Remote I/O Adapter with up to 32 I/O modules and built-in Modbus RTU gateway function

- Easy tool-free installation and removal
- Easy web configuration and reconfiguration
- Built-in Modbus RTU gateway function
- Supports Modbus/SNMP/RESTful API/MQTT
- Supports up to 32 I/O modules
- Wide operating temperature -40C to 75C model available


Moxa ioThinx 4510 Series is an advanced modular remote I/O product with a unique hardware and software design, making it an ideal solution for a industrial data acquisition applications. Moxa ioThinx 4510 Series unique mechanical design that reduces time required for installation and removal, simplifying deployment and maintenance.

moxa iothinx 4500


The ioThinx 4510’s user-friendly web configuration tool was designed specifically to make configuration and reconfiguration easy; no reconfiguration efforts are required for unchanged modules. Moxa ioThinx 4510’s web interface supports module/channel unique names. This feature also applies to Modbus TCP, MQTT, and RESTful API, saving time on development and deployment.

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ioThinx 4510 supports Modbus RTU Master for retrieving field site data from serial meters. After collecting data, users can convert serial data to a variety of protocols, including Modbus TCP, SNMP, MQTT, and RESTful, allowing users to get field site data in their protocol of choice. This two-in-one design reduces system complexity and the amount of space required in the network topology, as well as overall installation time. In addition, you can extend the useful life of legacy devices by connecting them to Ethernet and accessing the devices using a preferred protocol.


Moxa ioThinx 4510 communicates in various protocols including Modbus TCP for OT engineers, as well as SNMP, MQTT, and RESTful API for IT engineers. The ioThinx 4510 retrieves I/O data and converts the data to any of these protocols, allowing you to get your applications connected easily and effortlessly.