IP Video Surveillance For Wayside Environment

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Due in part to population increases, public transportation is becoming more important for meeting the everyday needs of people around the world. Rolling stock, including subways and trains, are an extremely common form of transportation, and providing a reliable IP CCTV system onboard is critical to maintaining the safety and security of passengers. Rolling stock environments tend to be critical and harsh, and to ensure onboard safety, Moxa’s IP camera solutions are industry-certified to comply with onboard requirements.

System Requirements

• Onboard CCTV cameras that operate reliably in high vibration, unstable rolling stock environments subject to water, dust, and extreme temperatures.
• Diverse product portfolio to cope with different applications and viewing conditions, such as low luminance, and unstable or fluctuating lighting conditions.
• The flexibility to integrate with existing systems and third party CCTV devices and VMSs
• The ability to seamlessly integrate with other onboard electronic devices, including fire alarms and displays for monitoring drivers.
• The ability to provide a total solution, including a diverse selection of IP cameras and video servers with the requisite industrial certifications.


• Mission-Critical Reliability: To ensure reliable onboard operation, Moxa’s IP cameras and NVRs are industry-certified, and comply with onboard requirements that include EN 50155, IP66 dust/water resistance, IK8 to IK10 vandal resistance, and high EMC protection (EN 50121-3-2). With a wide -40 to 75°C operating temperature, without heater or fan, Moxa’s IP cameras are suitable for many different applications, and the lack of moving parts increases system reliability and provides a longer MTBF.

• Diverse Viewing & Application: Moxa provides a diverse selection of IP cameras suitable for a variety of needs and installations. The lighting conditions onboard a train will vary wildly as the vehicle passes through a variety of different environments, including tunnels, open air, and shade. To continuously provide crystal clear image quality, the IP cameras must capture a wide dynamic range of dark and light, as well as reduce noise and motion blur. Cameras with built-in ICR and low lux sensitivity make day-and-night viewing possible, and Moxa’s infrared cameras provide high resolution black and white images in the dark of night.

• Easy Management: Moxa’s IP CCTV systems can seamlessly integrate and communicate with onboard electronic devices like fire alarms and displays for monitoring drivers. With Onvif Profile S, Moxa’s cameras and NVRs can integrate with any third party CCTV device and VMS, providing operators scalability and flexibility.

Total Solution: Moxa offers operators a wide selection of industrialgrade IP cameras, NVRs and VMSs, wired or wireless networking products, serial-over-IP servers, industrial computers, and digital I/O solutions.