Moxa ThingsPro Edge Series

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IIoT gateways software that helps transform your edge computer into a secure and reliable gateway for device-to-cloud connectivity

- Comprehensive device data processing to prepare field data for cloud platforms
- Built-in client and SDK for popular cloud platforms Azure, AWS, and Sparkplug
- Web-based GUI for remotely monitoring device configuration and data visualization
- Secure and robust OTA design to ensure continuous connectivity to IIoT gateways
- RESTful APIs for extending the existing functionalities and integrating them with IT services
- Provisioning tool for batch configuration of Moxa IIoT gateways




ThingsPro Edge is an IIoT gateway software that helps transform your edge computer into a secure and reliable IIoT gateway to suit your business needs. System administrators on the operation technology (OT) side can use its intuitive web GUI to ensure continuous operation while IT developers can use RESTful APIs to configure, monitor, and effectively control IIoT gateway devices. ThingsPro Edge also provides:

  • Modbus polling engine with easy-to-use web-based UI for data acquisition from end devices deployed in industrial field sites

  • Simplified transfer of Modbus device data to a MQTT broker in cloud applications

  • Built-in Azure IoT Edge (AIE) client  to accelerate your IIoT application development; no additional effort required to integrate an AIE client into your IIoT gateway

  • JSON-based configurable schema for telemetry data upload to satisfy the demands of cloud applications

  • A network manager that handles field device connectivity to a WAN