Moxa ThingsPro Gateway Series
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IIoT Gateway and Device Management Software Solution

- Simplifies transfer of Modbus device data to the MQTT broker in cloud applications
- Built-in client and SDK support for online SCADA services
- Built-in clients for popular cloud platforms Aliyun, AWS, and Azure
- Network manager to connect your field devices to a WAN
- RESTful API and Modbus API for access to all functions of the ThingsPro Gateway software




To help accelerate development of your industrial IoT applications and create a smarter field site, Moxa’s ThingsPro Gateway software enables Modbus connectivity for data acquisition and processing, MQTT support for lightweight edge-to-cloud data transmission, and device configuration for system and network settings of supported edge gateways. Configuration just takes a few steps, allowing you to focus on your applications instead of complex integrations.

ThingsPro Gateway helps you handle the complexity and diversity that comes from combining information technology and operational technology for industrial IoT applications by offering high-level Modbus APIs in C and Python, as well as modern RESTful APIs for you to easily develop software applications to extend or enhance the capabilities of Moxa’s Industrial IoT gateway. ThingsPro provides smart data acquisition, rapid development, and easy management, helping you create a smarter field site.