Network Management Software MXview One

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Next-generation industrial network management platform

- Discovers and visualizes network devices and physical connections automatically
- Central management of configurations and firmware for Moxa devices
- Multiple options for events and notifications with self-defined threshold and duration
- Comprehensive reports, including inventory, traffic, and availability reports
- Provides RESTful API and web widget to embed MXview One into industrial applications
- Dynamic topology view shows the status of wireless links and connection changes at a glance
- Visual, interactive roaming playback function to review the roaming history of clients
- Detailed device information and performance indicator charts for individual AP and client devices
- Full visibility of A/B LAN redundancy through a visualized PRP/HSR network topology and substation packet flow information
- GOOSE message path tracking for fast and efficient troubleshooting
- Auto IED discovery within the network topology display by importing SCD files




Moxa’s MXview One next-generation network management software is designed for monitoring and diagnosing networking devices in industrial networks. MXview One provides an integrated management platform that can discover networking devices and SNMP/IP devices installed on subnets. All selected network components can be managed via a web browser from a local site or through remote access—anytime and anywhere.


In addition, MXview One supports the optional MXview Wireless  and MXview Power  add-on modules. MXview Wireless provides additional advanced functions for wireless applications to monitor and troubleshoot your network, and help you minimize downtime. MXview Power provides additional advanced functions for power applications based on IEC 61850 to monitor and troubleshoot substation networks in real-time.