PCI Board CP-132

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Product Phase Out Notification

[Updated on 18 July 2016]

Please be informed that production of Moxa PCI Board CP-132 will be discontinued. The recommended replacement product is Moxa CP-132UL Universal PCI board. View TNS full selection of Universal PCI serial boards for alternative selections. 

Features and Benefits

- 2-port RS422/RS485 high speed communication board
- Compact PCI board size
- Works perfectly with major operating systems
- Various connection options
- Data transmission speed up to 921.6 Kbps
- On-chip hardware flow control


MOXA's CP-132 Series of 2 port serial boards is designed for RS422/RS485 industrial communication. Moxa CP-132 serial boards support 2 independent RS422 or RS485 ports, with each port able to control up to 32 devices in a multidrop environment. This series of PCI 2-port serial boards provides a reliable communication link (RS422/RS485) over a longer distance (up to 4000 ft), and is suitable for industrial environments.