Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories

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Medical scientists and pharmaceutical researchers rely on sophisticated laboratory equipment to discover new treatments for patients. Most research is carried out in teams given the complex and collaborative nature of medical science.

Scientists often transfer images and data from microscopes and other equipment to each other's laptop or desktop computers. Connecting all of these pieces of equipment usually requires multiple serial ports, one for each peripheral device. Since computers are only equipped with a limited number of serial ports, expanding a USB connection into multiple serial ports can provide researchers with the connectivity they need to make their next scientific breakthrough.


Moxa's UPort 1610-8, RS232 USB to serial converter was used to connect multiple serial interface microscopes and other equipment to the computer USB port. MOXA Uport also provides pharmaceutical research laboratories the following benefits:

-  Up to 8 ports for easy USB-to-serial expansion 
-  True USB 2.0 high-speed transmission for large data transmission 
-  128-byte FIFO and on-chip hardware and software flow control ensure stable data transmission 
-  Easy troubleshooting with LED indicators for each serial port 
-  Compatible with laptop or desktop PCs