Power Adapter PWR-12150-UK-SA-T
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Features and Benefits

- Wide operating temperature -40 to 75C

- Automatic conversation of international voltage (100V-240V)

- Reliable power source for information technology equipment (ITE) with excellent EMI/EMC characteristics

- Compact design measuring L50 x W91 x H82.5mm, 1500mm cord length, 200g weight

- Screw L-type output connector 5.5/2.1/7.5

- CE safety marking

Compatible with the following Moxa Product Series:

NPort 5110-T, NPort 5450-T,NPort 5450I-T, NPort 5110A-T, NPort 5610-8-DTL-T, NPort 5650-8-DTL-T, NPort 5650I-8-DTL-T, NPort 5130A-T, NPort 5150A-T,  NPort 5210A-T, NPort 5230A-T, NPort 5250A-T, NPort 6100-T, NPort 6200-T and NPort 6400-T