Rackmount Chassis TRC-2190
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Features and Benefits

- 18 module slots for high density applications
- Fanless design for enhaced reliability (1 million hours MTBF)
- Supports unmanaged, managed and WDM type fiber modules
- WDM type fiber module allows use of single optical fible cable in transmit (TX) and receive (RX)
- SNMP v1/2/3 supported for remote monitoring/configuration
- Web console with group configuration and auto scheduing for easy maintenance
- Two hot swap power supply module slots for optional redundant power
- Operating temperature from -20 to 55C


TRC-2190 is Moxa’s new generation rackmount chassis system. This versatile system allows network administrator to connect various copper and fiber-optic network media over protocols. There are up to 18 single-slot media converter slide-in modules in the front of the unit.

System configuration is simple with TRC-2190 web console utility. Users can also choose to configure using Telnet and USB console. For remote management and monitoring, SNMP feature can be enabled. Administrators can define automatic notifications to trigger events, alarms, email alerts and more. Remote site manageability simplifies troubleshooting.

For better reliability, TNS recommends fanless media converters. MTBF of Moxa TRC-2190 fanless system is over 1 million hours. MTBF of a fan chassis media converters is around 20,000 hours. TRC-2190 operating temperature ranges from -20 to 55C. There are two power supply module slots for power redundancy. TRC-2190 rackmount chassis system is a versatile solution for high density ethernet to fiber applications.