Remote Network Monitoring Service

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Manufacturers with facilities scattered across multiple locations require expansive networks to sustain operational effectiveness and efficiency. Learn more about Moxa simple management solution for remote management of scattered facilities


Digital transformation encourages customers from different industries to focus more on OT network as network infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and the number of connected devices grows. To better help these customers manage and maintain their network smoothly, network service providers require a simple solution for responding to service requests from multiple customers and solve issues as quickly as possible. Real-time remote servicing allows service providers to overcome geographical limitations and streamline their customer service. However, customers often do not want to expose their whole network to external access in order to protect sensitive information and company assets. Therefore, service providers would prefer a solution with user-customizable access control so customers can ensure the safety of their network when providing access for remote maintenance services, eliminating any concerns about security.

Customer needs:

• An easy and quick way to help customers troubleshoot and maintain their operations from anywhere, at any time,
saving both time and cost

• Strong cybersecurity features with reliable access control to assure their customers that the remote connections only allow support engineers limited access to the customer’s network management software



Customers can install Moxa’s MXview network management software on-site to perform basic network management. If any issues arise that customers cannot handle themselves, service providers can easily access the MXview instance at the customers’ site remotely via Moxa Remote Connect (MRC)’s encrypted VPN tunnel and perform real-time troubleshooting. To address concerns about security, MRC provides customers with access control tools to set restrictions where needed, including access to specific network areas, access time and authorized users. With MXview and MRC, service providers can easily offer remote assistance to multiple customers in a safe and controlled network environment.


Why Moxa MRC and MXview


• An easy-to-use remote network management solution that doesn’t require in-depth VPN knowledge or a public IP
• Remotely manage and monitor your network through a centralized dashboard and real-time topology
• Simplify third party collaboration and streamline troubleshooting