RTU Controller ioLogik W5340
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Product Phase Out Notification

[Updated on 4 February 2016]

Please be informed that production of RTU Controller ioLogik W5340 will be discontinued. Alternative products are Moxa RTU Controller ioLogik 2542-Cellular. View TNS selection of Micro RTU Controllers for alternative selections. 

Features and Benefits

- Integrated, compact box solution for GPRS telemetry applications
- Definable GPRS connection strategy to optimize data transmission
- Intuitive menu driven front-end intelligence
- Flexible, Unicode alarm system supporting SMS, email, SNMP Trap, TCP, UDP
- One RS-232/422/485 serial port built in to connect with field serial devices
- Backup and sustainable data logging function
- Seamless SCADA connectivity by Active OPC technology
- Configure, update firmware, and program over the air via ioAdmin
- Windows/WinCE VB/ VC.NET and Linux C APIs


Moxa's ioLogik W5340 series Active GPRS micro controllers are rugged, compact solutions for remote monitoring and alarm systems. With Moxa's ioLogik W5340 series, you can define a GPRS connection strategy, including Always-On and Wake-On-Demand, to optimize data transmission rates for different applications. In addition, the operational cost of GPRS communication depends on the data transmission rate.