SFP Module SFP-1G Copper Series
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Features and Benefits 

- Compliant with IEEE 802.3,2002
- Fixed 1000 BASE-T speed
- Hot pluggable RJ45 connector
- TTL signal detection (RX los)
- RoHS compliant and lead free

Moxa SFP-1GTXRJ45-T: SFP module with fixed 1000 Base-T port, RJ-45 Connector, -40 to 75C Operation Temperature. The Moxa SFP-1G Copper series modules can be used with the following products:

ICS-G7850A/G7852A series, ICS-G7850/G7852 series, ICS-G7750A/G7752A series,ICS-G7750/G7752 series, ICS-G7826A/G7828A series, ICS-G7826/G7828 series, ICS-G7526A/G7528A series, ICS-G7526/G7528 series

IKS-G6524A/ G6824A series, IKS-G6524/G6824 series

EDS-G516E series, EDS-G512E series, EDS-G308 series, EDS-210A series, EDS-G205A-4PoE series, PT-7528 series