USB Hub Uport 207

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7-port entry-level USB hubs

- Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for up to 480 Mbps USB data transmission rates
- USB-IF certification
- 15 kV ESD Level 4 protection for all USB ports
- Comprehensive diagnostic LEDs
- Full 500 mA of power per port
- Chooses bus power or external power




The UPort® 204 and UPort® 207 are entry-level USB 2.0 hubs that expand 1 USB port into 4 and 7 USB ports, respectively. The hubs are designed to provide true USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 480 Mbps data transmission through each port, even for heavy-load applications. The UPort® 204 and UPort® 207 have received the USB-IF Hi-Speed certification and are fully plug and play. 500 mA of power per port ensures that your USB devices will function properly, and using 12 to 40 VDC of power makes them ideal for mobile applications. Externally powered USB hubs are the only way to guarantee the broadest compatibility with USB devices.