Wireless Device Server NPort W2150A
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Features and Benefits

- Link any serial or Ethernet device to an IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n network
- 921.6 kbps baudrate for RS-232/422/485 transmissions
- Web-based configuration using built-in Ethernet or WLAN
- Enhanced surge protection for serial, LAN, and power
- Remote configuration with HTTPS, SSHCNC-DNC
- Secure data access with WEP, WPA, WPA2
- Built-in WLAN site survey tool
- Fast automatic wireless fast roaming
- Off-line port buffering and serial data log
- Dual power inputs (1 screw-type power jack, 1 terminal block)
- Supports wireless clients


Moxa NPort W2150A connects serial RS232/422/485 or Ethernet devices, such as PLCs, meters, and sensors, to a wireless LAN. Your communications software will be able to access the serial devices from anywhere over a wireless LAN. In Infrastructure Mode or Ad-Hoc Mode, NPort W2150A enables connectivity to Wi-Fi networks at offices and factories to allow users to move, or roam, between several APs (Access Points), and offer an excellent solution for mobile devices.